Is your service 100% free?

Yes! The Silent Auction Events Company will supply all items with an attached reserve price. 100% of any money raised over this reserve will go to your nominated charity – for example, if an item has an attached reserved of £200 and sells for £500, your charity will receive £300.

Which areas do you cover?

We are happy to provide our services to all areas of the UK.

Who will manage the auction? Do you provide staff?

We will provide a team to help you pre, during and post auction, at no charge, to ensure the silent auction runs smoothly.

I don’t know which items to select?

Appropriate packages for the silent auction brochure can be discussed and tailored to suit your event. We are happy to advise and suggest our most popular items from the hundreds we have on offer. For more information, please call us on 0121 233 6500 .

What if I only want a few items, as I already have some of my own?

We are very flexible when it comes to putting together the silent auction brochure, if necessary, we can supply just a few items, up to fifty plus.

How will I know how much I have raised?

The Silent Auction Events Company will provide you with all information once the event and auction have concluded. You will also be informed of all reserve prices prior to the event, so once all bids have been confirmed, you will know how much you will receive.